Director Harish Shankar Enters Big League

With “Gabbar Singh” becoming a big hit,director Harish Shankar has entered the big league. This is Harish’s third film as a director, after he made his debut with “Shock” long ago. His second film, “Mirapakay” was also a hit, but the Pawan Kalyan-starrer has taken him to new heights. “Yes, this is one of the best moments in my life,” says Harish after the success of “Gabbar Singh”. Harish had earlier met Pawan Kalyan with a project, but Pawan told him that he wanted to work in the remake of the Salman Khan-starrer “Dabbang”. He says, “When he told me he wants to do this, I was very excited, but at the same time, I felt a sense of responsibility since Pawan has a huge fan following.”

Harish adds that since he is also a big fan of the star, it made his job easier. “I am a huge fan of Pawan from my childhood. When I got a chance to show him on screen, I directed him like a fan would,” says Harish, who reveals that the title of the film was also suggested by the actor. “I have learnt many things from him like hardwork, simplicity and sincerity,” says Harish. The director also adds that a team effort by everyone has made this film a success. About his next project, Harish says that he is going to work with NTR Jr next. “NTR is a very good friend of me. I am writing a script for him now,” says the director.