Dil Raju behind repair work in Rebel ?

Youth ICON Prabhas Rebel will be trimmed as informed by 15-25 mins .this decision was taken after huge pressure from all the distributors unanimously demanded for the chopping of the movie. Sources say , Dil Raju who tends to be Nizam area distributor personally called upon the producer to look into it suggesting some trims from his side.

“Rebel” came with a huge on to the screen. But this hype vanished within a day. This film finally turned out to be an average flick leaving Prabhas fans unhappy . Film producers as well as distributors spent a fortune on this film and hence they decided to go for repair work. They are planning to cut short few sequences in the venture.

Taking analysts opinions, the film producers along with distributors are trying out this venture. Talks are on progress with the film director Raghava Lawrence in Annapoorna Studios, Hyderabad. Unless and until this film is repaired, film distributors may not get the amount they invested on this film. Hope the repair work goes well and the reloaded version of “Rebel” looks better than before.