Dil raju to bear DJ overseas losses

rp_dj1-173x300-1-173x300-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300-1-173x300.jpgThe producer of Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Duvvada Jagannadham has promised to compensate the overseas buyer of the film as the film ended as a disaster in OS.

The rights of the film were bagged for 9 crores and the film has collected only 4+ crores, incurring huge losses for the Bluesky cinemas distributor.

Raju has promised to compensate DJ losses by giving BlueSky Cinemas, the overseas rights of his next film, Natural Star Nani’s ‘MCA’at a low price and also promised to give his other upcoming projects including Fidaa starring Varun Tej.