Dil Raju and Rajamouli smiles at last !!

When it comes to producers the name of Dil Raju is taken very strongly and the reason for that is, many feel he is very good at assessing the pulse of a movie and can predict sharply what is going to be its fate at the box office even before it releases. Among the directors, the name of tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli is taken.

So, it came as a surprise when many started doubting the abilities of both Rajamouli and Dil Raju. Apparently, both of them are part of the latest release ‘Andala Rakshasi’. While Rajamouli is the co-producer, Dil Raju is the distributor for the film. This got a very bad talk from different sections of the audience.

Though Rajamouli would be safe as a producer because he must have got his returns by now some are saying Dil Raju might take a hit. However, trade pundits predict that given the budget of the film and the thumping opening response even Dil Raju would be on a safe zone.