Digvijay Singh bad experience with KCR

kcr-digvijay-singhAll India Congress Committee General Secretary Digvijay Singh claims to have very bad experience Telangana Chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao  with  Congress party victory in coming Warangal Bypolls .

Digvijay , who came for election campaign in warangal said that, TRS government’s failures will path way to Congress victory in Warangal. He said , KCR failed miserably in implementing welfare programmes which were promised by KCR at the time of elections.

Even in warangal, TRS failed has to fulfill the promises. He said He had a very bad experience with KCR , speaking on the merger of TRS with Congress.  The party has been vigorously campaigning at door-to-door for its candidate Sarve Satyanarayana after Rajaiah episode