Differences between KCR and Kondandaram !!

The differences between TRS supremo KCR and JAC Chairman Kondandaram have starkly come to light with each making completely different statements on whether Telangana formation was imminent. The TRS chief has been claiming for the past couple of days that he had clear indications that the Center was going to take a pro-Telangana decision very soon.  Based on this it is believed he even opined that no fresh agitations were required.

The JAC had already given a call for Chalo Hyderabad on September 30th and come out with a detailed plan for a fresh round of agitations. In this context, Prof. Kodandaram said that he had absolutely no indications or information that Telangana formation was imminent. He said he was still to ask KCR what news he received was but said in the absence of any concrete information till now the JAC had to make future plans to ensure the Center was convinced on T-state formation.

It will interesting to see what role TRS will be playing in the upcoming JAC agitations and if they would continue to be the main and the most active partner in the JAC programs.