Didi begins drama in Delhi over Demonetisation

mamataThe opposition parties begins drama over the demonetisation issue in Delhi cornering the BJP government.

Instead of reviewing the availability of currency in West Bengal, TMC and other Opposition parties held protest march to the President’s House over the demonetisation issue. Mamata Banerjee led the protest march to the President’s House, other Opposition parties also participate demonetisation. She and her party workers raised slogans against the government.

While the Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi talks to people standing in queue at an ATM in Vakola . He Wanted to request the Maharashtra CM to make some arrangements to help people who are struggling to withdraw cash.

He said, “We will raise this issue in parliament; you will see that money he acquires from you,will be used to fill pockets of industrialists. There is no investigation or action taken against Modi ‘s industrialists friends. Did Modi see any rich people standing there?.

BSP Chief Mayawati said, Our party is not against the demonetisation decision but the way it has been implemented.