Did Rana warn Ali for ‘Hot Jalebi’ remarks on Anushka ?

rana-Bangs-AliActor Ali’s “Hot Jalebi” comments on Baahubali & Rudrama Devi actress Anushka turns controversial in the industry.

At the audio launch of Anushka’s ‘Size Zero’ , Ali compared Anushka with ” Hot Jalebi” He said, Anushka looks like a hot Jalebi who everybody likes to eat. He also said, Anushka has really remarkable thighs. Ever since I saw her in Billa, I became her fan.”, said ALi.

Latest Buzz say, Actor Rana who shared screen with Anushka in Baahubali & Rudhrama Devi, has reportedly warned Ali for his sexist comments .Even women’s organisations demanding action against the actor for his remarks.

Meanwhile, Ali , who was reportedly hurt in Varun Tej – Puri film sets , had a text on his injured hand stating
“Never hit ur wife again!