Did Dasari offer Rs 25 crore?

With 200-odd small-budget film-makers blaming four to five big lessees who are holding 700 theatres under their wings, veteran film-maker Dasari Narayan Rao has reportedly come up with an idea to ease out the theatres from the lessees. Reportedly, he has offered Rs 25 crore to them to give up the theatres so that they can be offered to producers for nominal rents.

“He has offered to give this amount to the Producers’ Guild and asked us to maintain the theatres and let them out for nominal rents. As few lessees are fleecing small producers with fancy rentals, this will make it a level-playing field for everyone,” says a source from the producers’ council. Dasari’s intentions are not to take away the profits but he wants the producers to share the amount earned out of theatres for a few years.