Dictator Movie Review – Paisa Vasool

dictatorMovie : Dictator
Director : Sriwass
Producer : Sriwass, Eros
Music Director : S.S.Thaman
Starring : Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan
TeluguSquare.com Rating : 3/5


Chandu (Balakrishna ) is a common man living in Hyderabad with his family, working in a supermarket, He helps an aspiring actress Indu(Sonal Chauhan) and gets in trouble, which later reveals his flashback.

Chandrasekhar Dharma (Balakrishna) is a Delhi based Businessman-  The chairman of Dhrama Group of companies, who is in a position to dictate terms to Indian economy with his wealth. He protects his fellow struggling businessmen from Mafia . On the other hand Mahima Rao (Rati Agnihotri) rules the Delhi politics with her power.

Chandrasekhar Dharma and Mahima Rao will have a clash, in case of a factory.  To own the factory Mahima’s son-in-law kills a person close to Chandrashekhar Dharma. And Chandrashekar decides to kill Mahima’s Son -in-law.

In this quarrel, Mahima’s men assaults Chandrasekhar’s wife Katyayni (Anjali) . Chandheasker’s family stays away from him with the fear of life threat from Mahima. Chandrakar also leaves delhi and later returns . At what circumstances Chandrashekar returns to delhi? What happens to Mahima and her followers ? forms the rest of the story.


Balakrishna in a powerful role as Chandrashekar Dharma was a eye feast to watch, his mannerisms, his look, his performance, his dialogue delivery is truly awesome. Balakrishna impressed in two shades – like a cool guy in first half and like a powerful guy in second half. Anjali shared screen with Balakrishna for the fist time, She was good with her cute expressions. Sonali Chauhan has been roped to fill the glamour quotient of the film. Rati Agnihotri after several years , has been seen in a Telugu film , she was ultimate as a Baddie. Nazar, Suman, Shivaji shinde, 30 years Prudhvi were good in their roles.


Till now Director Sriwass had dealt with comedy touch films , seems to have shuddered in making a film which match the stamina of Balakrishna. The main reason is lack of story to fill the 2 hours plus film. The first half is filled with some non related scenes. Even After entering into the main plot, the movie lacks the required pace. Once again Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan have failed to bring an extraordinary story and ended up with a routine story.Most of the characters will just come and leave the plot.

Punch Dialogue of the film are highlight of the film. Balayya fans will definitely enjoy those dialogues very much. Thaman’s music is average, songs are visually more attractive. BGM was also good .Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is good and production values are good.

Plus points:
Background Music

Minus Points:
Routine Story
First Half

The movie miss the required entertainment to make it a complete commercial entertainer.

Paisa Vasool film for Balayya fans