Diamonds, Gold worth Rs. 2.71 crore stolen

This burglar surely hit a jackpot, but he is likely to be the unhappiest soul on earth, if ever he comes to know that the steel chest he struggled to carry away contains diamonds and gold worth Rs 2.71 crore. Reason. The chest cannot practically be pried open. Moreover, it has a bio-metric lock and its walls are seven mm thick.

Only the prolonged use of a gas cutter could open the chest, but the investigators doubt whether the intruder, who strode into RSR Jeweller’s office near Sadhuram Eye Hospital in Domalguda on Monday, would have access to a gas cutter.

The burglar could have broken the latch of the second floor door and found the steel chest apparently after scouting the portion. “The mud footprints suggested he had no footwear and could be a rag picker or labourer,” the police said.

Police hope that the intruder would leave the chest unopened somewhere. Incidentally, the watchman went to his village five days ago and it did not have any closed circuit cameras.