Dhruvara Jagannadh opens poor in Kerala

dj-kerala-47467After creating a storm at the Telugu box-office with earnings of over Rs 70 crore share, Allu Arjun’s Duvvada Jagannadham aka DJ is in dubbed Malayalam version in Kerala with title Dhruvara Jagannadh.

Mallu Arjun fans celebrated the arrival of DJ all around Kerala. But the enthusiasm lasted only for the morning show. Even Supporting Flexies containing Tamil actors Ajith, Suriya and Vikram pictures were installed by Kodungallur Fans. But the film took a disaster start in Kerala.

Nights shows were cancelled in major cities due to lack of booking. In a theatre only, 12 people came to watch the second show. Allu Arjun’s career best film in Kerala was Sarrainodu , which has collected 7 crores.