Dhruva 1st week Karnataka BO report

rp_dhruva-2-300x177-1-300x177.jpgOn the seventh day, Dhruva starts off slow again to collect just 4.76 Lakh share in Karnataka.

Dhruva 7th day share in Hubli and Goa is 1.02lakhs and the 1st-week share at Hubli and Goa is 15.16 lakhs. Around 2.84lakhs needed for break even with 3 shows & 1 week in hand. While Dhruva closing share in Goa is 3.90lakhs. Dhruva will continue at Hubli for another week with 3 shows.

Bombay Karnataka, Mysore regions may fall in a safe zone if this weekend turns good for Dhurva. Bombay KA 7th day share for Dhruva is 1.92 lakhs and total 7 days share is 28.46 lakhs

Including Hires and other unreported screens for the week, Dhruva 7 days Karnataka Area share is 5.64 Cr.