Dhoni asks media not to drag him in VVS controversy

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni today steered clear of the potential controversy surrounding the sudden retirement of V V S Laxman. Dismissing reports that he had in any way interfered in the Laxman affair, Dhoni urged the media not to drag his name into needless selection controversies. ‘I have the highest respect for the fabulous abilities of Laxman, who has been our mainstay for so many years. As a match winner he has few peers. I will definitely miss him in the middle’. ‘Although, it will be tough to find suitable replacements for (Rahul) Dravid and Laxman, we have to plan ahead and move on,’ he said. Clearly exasperated, he was responding to repeated questions on the theories being circulated behind Laxman’s overnight decision to retire from international cricket. ‘You all call me Mr Cool and one who does not skirt controversies.