Dharmapuri Srinivas son Aravind to join BJP

TRS Rajya Sabha memberd-srinivas-son-arvind D Srinivas Rao’s second son Dharmapuri Aravind is all set to join BJP party.

He met the BJP leaders on Saturday. Today he met with BJP general secretaries Ram Mandav and Ramlal. Speculation that he would be the Nizamabad BJP candidate in the upcoming elections.

In the past, Arvind gave a huge advertisement on a national level magazine that has created turmoil in political circles. Aravind, who so far been away from active politics, celebrated Independence Day on August 15 stating that the entire nation should back Narendra Modi.In this context, Arvind’s meeting with the BJP leaders today is been in priority.

Former MLA, a former DICC president and follower of DS, Nandeeshwar Gowda has joined. There was also buzz that DS will be joining BJP but he condemned those reports. On the other hand, DS also mentioned that he has nothing to do with his son’s advertisements.