Dhanush to Ram Charan Tej: Bollywood goes South

Dhanush to Ram Charan Tej: Bollywood goes South

It was a surprising decision by the producer of ‘Zanjeer’ remake to cast Telugu actor Ram Charan Tej in the lead role, simply because there is no dearth of Bollywood actors who can play the role of an angry young man. However, this also indicates the growing recognition for Southern actors in the Hindi belt.

Ram Charan Tej is not the only one coming to Bollywood. Dhanush, Pawan Kalyan, Rana Daggubati and many other actors are ready to hit the Hindi screens in coming months.

Rana has already made it and Dhanush will do the same in ‘Raanjhana’. Dhanush has become a hot cake after the mega success of ‘Kolaveri di’. His Tendulakar anthem has also got more than 5 lakh hits on YouTube. All this collaborated with a careful marketing has made Dhanush’s name familiar to the North Indian audiences.

A close look at the prominent movie channels will reveal that a major part of the prime time slot is given to the South Indian dubbed films. Thanks to these films, Junior NTR, Vijaykanth, Chiranjeevi and Siddharth have become household names.

Social networking sites are also playing a great role in making these names popular among the Hindi film audiences. Twitter has made their reach possible to the audiences based in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

A remarkable part of the Indian internet users is of South Indians and when they see that the so called mainstream media is covering Tamil and Telugu actors, they simply rejoice it and celebrate it on Twitter and Facebook.

This influences the South Indian students studying in prominent North Indian colleges and they contribute in making the actors more popular. As a result of this process, South Indian actors have started to gain prominence on the national scene.

It’s good for the Hindi film industry also because it will not only bring good South Indian actors to Bollywood but also bring a different style of filmmaking.