Dhanraj feels Pawan Kalyan better than NTR for Bigg Boss show

rp_dhanraj-300x209.jpgFor the day one Bigg Bos show has become the hot favorite for Telugu audiences with Tarak hosting.The ‘Big Boss’ has a program is clicked in Telugu and the ratings are excellent.

People are not missing the Bigg boss show, especially in the weekend because of Young Tiger’s mesmerizing hosting.

Anchor Suma also praised the junior NTR for his hosting skills. But one of the contestants eliminated from this show said there is someone who could better host it than NTR.

Eliminated Bigg Boss contestants Dhanraj responded when asked by a media house said, if Pawan Kalyan hosts the show instead of NTR, the show would be more powerful. If it does happen then, if would jump the Bigg Boss show wall to stay in the big boss house for some more time.

However, NTR has been already zeroed for the Bigg Boss season two. While Pawan is busy with films and politics. He does not like such shows. And if Pawan does the show, the big boss house will become the power house.

On other hand eliminated Bigg Boss contestant Katti Mahesh praised NTR and criticised Pawan Kalyan while Dhanraj praised Pawan.