Dhammu Producer K.S.Rama Rao Sensational Comments

Creative Commercials (CC) Head, Dhammu movie Producer K.S.Rama Rao in an interview express his views on Dhammu.

Hero Characterization

NTR character in the film will be just a normal person character with not much importance for the first 30mins.

Later on it transforms into a matured character with a aim , The character realises its importannce , its role,its aim and do justice to all people who depend on character.


First Shruthi Hasan was finalised for Trisha role but due to dates problem as Shruthi was unable to accommodate ,Trisha was taken for the role with no other choice.

Second heroine Krithika was selected as she is fresh ,bubbli and her mother Radha acted in previous films of CC.

Heroines does not any important role ,they are just for glamour and songs.


CC which had  a track record  having good music has maintained same standard , keeravani has given his best tunes for the film ,Ruler song will be a highlight.


Dammu will be a good commercial movie , whether it break records or not depends how people takes it. Dhammu was produced for entertainment  not for breaking records.


Now a days producer has become a cashier, has no control over budget, a lot of wastage happened still cant control as unit members may think bad .


Dhammu name was selected just to increase its market value as it has a mass touch feel, its not just for masses, it has very good family drama which attracts family audience.