Dhammu copied from Aaraam Thampuran?

If the buzz is to be believed, Dammu story was copied by Boyapati Srinu from a Malayalam film Aaraam Thampuran. Mohan Lal played the lead role in this film which was released 14 years ago. Almost seventy percent of Dammu’s story is directly lifted from Aaraam Thampuran says the buzz. This Malayalam film has a very good story and has ample scope for hero elevation.

If Dammu is really copied from Aaraam Thampuran then it should be good news to NTR fans. Why because, with Boyapati’s special touch, it can become a huge hit like Narasimha Naidu. It has a good blend of family sentiment and heroism. If Boyapati gets his screenplay right then sky is the limit for this subject.