DGP Mahender Reddy warning to media outlets

mahender-reddyAt a press conference held in Hyderabad,Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy gave a warning to media outlets and online websites that repeatedly telecast and published Mahesh’s statements.

DGP said A TV channel has repeatedly telecasted Kathi Mahesh comments. It’s not good for society. A show cause notice has been issued to the TV channel ownership. The next steps will be taken based on their answer. Print, electronic and social media should be careful to broadcast similar comments. The government, the people, the media and the government agencies are the key players in the preservation of peace and security. Whoever tried to provoke the racism in the society will have to be seen as a disadvantage for the development of Telangana. Religious groups, public associations and media should maintain harmony, “the DGP said.