Devineni accuses RGV as money minded

RGV-devineniFilmmaker Ram Gopal Varma , who is going ahead to make a controversial film ‘Vangaveeti ‘ based on caste rivalry in Vijayawada , has met Devineni Nehru , a prominent political leader of Vijayawada, over the making of film Vangaveeti.

Speaking to media, Devineni said, There was rivalry between two families and some incidents happened 30 years back which has no relevance to the present time. He wondered as why RGV wants to showcase the rivalry of two families as something Big. He said, Vijaywada is peaceful for last 30 years and no incident took place in last 30 years.

He said, RGV has his own mind, for earning money he can show a red shirt as blood stained shirt and  can show anyone as rapist. He said, RGV has not taken any information from him as RGV knowns everything that happened during his college days. He request Verma to censor the lyrics of the song in the film.