Deve Gowda accepts Congress offer

congress-jdsDesperate Congress to retain Karnataka that besides giving JD(S) the privilege of having their CM in Karnataka, is likely to form the government.

Congress has lent its support to JD(s) to form the govt, their leader has already communicated the same to JD(s) through phone and is going to meet them personally. Sonia Gandhi reaches out to Deve Gowda through Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Latest update is that JDS sources say they have heard the Congress offer. Includes CM post to Kumaraswamy, deputy CM post to Congress, more cabinet berths to Congress. The father-son duo has decided to go with Congress. They reportedly told Congress to be part of govt instead of support from outside. He also offered 20 ministries to Congress, retaining 14 ministries and also a deputy CM post for Congress.

According to the latest tally, BJP won 104 seats, JD(s) 39 seats and Congress 77 seats.