Demonetization is biggest blunder : Prakash Raj

rp_prakash-300x185.jpgActor Prakash Raj has proved to be a monarch in real life, by his stinging attitude of criticizing the central government on the demonetization.

He made interesting comments on social media by criticizing the government on social issues. He demanded that the central government should apologize to the public, saying that the government had made a big mistake by canceling Rs 500 and 1,000 notes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization was to prevent black money but the rich have changed the black money into shiney notes is the allegation of the actor. Millions of people are still struggling with blunder says the actor.

He posted,

To whomsoever it may concern
While the rich found ways to convert their black money into shiny new notes..this disruptive impact made millions suffer helplessly..and the unorganised sector workers went for a spin. Would you mind saying sorry..for the biggest blunder of our time…#justasking.