Demi God of Tollywood

It needs no introduction for anybody when it comes to Power Star Pawan Kalyan fan following.With each passing day Pawan Kalyan’s fan base is increasing like anything irrespective of his movies success and failures.He doesn’t need hits unlike other heroes to grow as a big hero.It is his fans who makes him the ever green No.1 hero in Tollywood.

The recent event Racha audio function where the huge crowd kept shouting the name of Power Star despite the presence of Megastar Chiranjeevi,Ramcharan and Allu Arjun proved the fact that Pawan is now bigger then Chiranjeevi,and the reason behind his huge fan following is his kind and down to earth nature towards everybody and especially towards his fans. Fans still didn’t forget the words that uttered by Powerstar in Panjaa audio function. He said ” I have huge respect towards fans.I always keep fans in my heart.” He proved his words in real.

This has happened just a few days ago. Pawan Kalyan was shooting for his upcoming film Gabbar Singh out of the city somewhere near Ramoji Film City. It was a car chasing scene, so the unit went totally out of the city. Unexpectedly, many of Pawan Kalyan’s fans went to the location to meet Pawan Kalyan. Surprisingly, it was not a small group of fans, but they were in hundreds.  Pawan Kalyan not only welcomed them and greeted them with smile, but he also ordered lunch for everyone with his own expenses even though the location was too far and getting anything to eat at that location is very hard. His fans were delighted to have such an experience and they felt extremely happy and proud towards the attitude and kind nature of their favorite star.This incident is enough to tell everybody that ‘No doubt Pawan is the demi god for many of his fans.’