Demand to make Jr NTR as Telangana TDP president

ntrDemand raised by TDP suspended leader of GHMC , N Satyanarayana to make Jr. NTR as president in Telangana State.

TDP Hyderabad incharge MLA Maganti Gopinath, has suspended Satyanarayana from the party under disciplinary action.

Reason for suspension is that, Satyanarayana had filed nominations for GHMC elections from Ramnagar Division on behalf of TDP, BJP and Congress and his wife also filed a nomination from TRS party from Adikmet Division.

Meanwhile , Satyanarayana submitted a memorandum to the late NTR’s Statue at the party office, to make Jr.NTR as TDP president. He alleged that irregularities are going on in GHMC limits.