Defamation case against Kamaal Khan

pawan-kalyan-kamaal-khanThe one who criticised Pawan Kalyan – “A Joker and Cartoon ” and also criticised other celebrities , Actor Kamaal R. Khan, is now facing defamation charges for his Big mouth.

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt slapped a defamation case against him for his derogatory remarks towards women in showbiz.

Kamaal apologised tweeting, Today I watched @TheVikramBhatt on @TheQuint n he said-KRK has got big social media power so he should decide whether he wants to be..Cont..Recognised as a troll only or respected critic n I am 100% agree with his statement. So thanks to @TheVikramBhatt for showing me right way.Anyway thanks Mr. @TheVikramBhatt for giving me very good advise n I am sorry if I hurt you in the past. Cheers and best of luck for future.I m sorry to all other Bollywood ppl also if I have hurt anyone by my statement or review. Today a new very serious type of critic has born.

On the other hand KKR filed a complaint against Manish Mundra, stating that He saying with responsibility that Manish Mundra is an operative of underworld so filmwalas should be careful. He will complaint in CBI today.