Deeksha eliminated from Bigg Boss house ?

archana-deekshaThe Biggest Reality Show Bigg Boss reached the final stage. Only six members of the house left out of the 14th contestants and reached the 64th episode.

These include Adarsh, Hariteja, Deeksha and Archana were in the Elimination zone of which Adarsh and Hari Teja are in a Safe Zone in the last episode. With this Adarsh, Hari Teja, Navdeep, Siva Balaji are in the bigs boss Season 1 final.

According to the information, Both Archana and Deeksha were in elimination zone. Out of which Archana has come to the safe zone and Deeksha has been eliminated. Archana becomes the 5th finalist of Bigg Boss.

On the other hand, NTR has given an interesting twist in Saturday’s episode by entering the house.

The Sunday episode will be more interesting as NTTR turns to cook in Bigg Boss house.