Dasari’s about super stars !

Dasari came into lime-light once again with his controversial statement about super stars .

Current scenario is that always Dasari pokes fun of Chiru and his family through indirect statements. Earlier he used to attack Chiru and now he is focused on both Chiru & Ram Charan with some hard hitting statements . He said Some young people are criticizing him and challenging him .He said, he gave life to people who are disrespecting him now a days, He also informed that he would bring a book to reveal some facts.

Coming to super stars he said there are only 3 super stars in India , NTR , Amithab Bachchan and Rajinikanth excluding Chiiranjeevi name. Dasari who lost his glory finding himself deserted as no one calling him for function and even media not giving importance to him. While Chranjeevi who is much junior to him is getting due respect in Tollywood as well as in Congress which is hurting him to the core. That the reason he always spit his venom whenever some media approach him.