Dasari indirectly attacks Mahesh babu

Dasari came into lime-light once again with his controversial speach . ‘All big film collections are just fake. For the sake of publicity, big productions are cheating with falsified reports’. These words are stated by none other veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao. Guess who he is pointing too?

The words are indirectly hinting that Dasari attacked Super star Mahesh Babu & RR movie makers

Its Mahesh who announced records for Dookudu and later on RR movie makers for Mahesh’s film Businessman . Dasari showing his dirty politics in film industry also, he used to  arch rival with Mega camp now Shockingly, he is the distributor of Allu Arjun’s upcoming movie so, he turned his attack on Mahesh Babu and on  RR movie distributor showing monopoly grabbing all theaters.

‘At least he should have given clarity that ‘some’ films are tampering real figures’, a noted critic said. Dasari also predicted that these games will come to an end very soon. Every one wonder, what is that he is gonna do to stop makers from announcing their collection records.