Daruvu postponed for Gabbar Singh

Massraja Raviteja took a backseat and postponed the release of his masala flick ‘Daruvu’ to pave the way for the massive release of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s mass entertainer ‘Gabbar Singh’ (release date 10th or 11th).

Although the film was being planned to hit screens on May 4th, due to the understanding between the producers of summer releases the release has been postponed to May 18th. Now, the producers have decided to maintain a healthy gap between the release each others films to avoid the possibility of one film eating up the revenues of the other.

The delay in the release of ‘Daruvu’ will also benefit Young Tiger NTR’s Dammu (release date 27th) as it will have no competition at the Box Office for atleast two weeks, that’s till the release of Gabbar Singh. And if Gabbar Singh hits the bulls eye, Daruvu will be postponed further. Will Pawan’s magic works this time? Mega Fans, keep your fingers crossed!