Daruvu pakka flop ?

Ravi Teja and Tapsee are set to  follow the record set by  Pabhas and Kajal in 2010 and 2011 but to taste a different result.

Prabhas -Kajal film Darling which was released on 22 april 2010 created a sensation as summer release that year , exactly after  1 year (365 days) both have once again struck with Mr.Perfect film which was released on 21st april 2011 also became a super hit in 2011 tagged them as Hit pair.

Eventually Raviteja- Tapsee are also doing the same , Veera film was released on 20th may 2011 which has turned into dud of that year, exactly after 1 yaer (365 day) both are once again with a new film “Daruvu” is all set to release on 18th/19th april (tentative) ,the result is yet to be executed. if it turns to be flop then Ravi-Tapsee pair will be tagged as Flop pair.

But going on with sentiments Prabhas -Kajal pair which gave consecutive  super hits reminds that Ravi teja- Tapsee do get the same result which they have tasted earlier .It is a alarming news for Daruvu producers .May be Daruvu postponement news  will be heard officially.