Daruvu is a silent killer

The talk before the release of any film is important and that is why the producers and the team tend to spend a lot of time, money and energy to push the film among the public. However, one film is currently gearing up for release and there is pin drop silence about it among the cine circuit and audience.

We are talking about the film Daruvu. Apparently, the film is due for release on May 25th and till date there is no pre-release talk or the feelers from that camp. Of course, the ‘Gabbar Singh’ mania is on and other films tend to keep quiet. But when the release date is fixed, will it not make noise till it arrives?

Given the fact that it has Ravi Teja and Taapsee both of whom who are struggling to score success, the need to promote the film aggressively is more. Already, Daruvu postponed its release date few times and if the makers don’t do anything to make some noise, all the delay will not be of any use.