Daruvu Highlights !!!

First Half highlights

  • Movie starts of with images of SR NTR and JR NTR, this will be a feast for all Nandamuri fans and also a great gesture for Multi starrers
  • Movie runs on with fast pace with all key characters introduced in the first 30 mins with 2 songs covering it all.
  • Main turning point of the story happens post 30 mins, a grand Yama lokam set where Lord yama role is played by Prabhu and small misunderstaing between Yama and chitragupta leads to Ravi Teja’s death.
  • Like all Yama movies Ravi teja fights yama and gets to see 7 avatars of himself and finally decides to get into one main avatar of Minister.
  • Interesting twist at the interval leaves audience looking for second half.

Second Half Highlights

  • Second half starts with most anticipated character of this movie “VIDYA Balan” Played by one and only Bramhanadam.
  • Bramhi’s assistant name is “Nitya Menon” played by our Vennela Kishore.
  • Second half mainly deals with correcting the correct Minister Ravi Tejas character like Indrudu Chandrudu.
  • Few songs and some routine sentiment scenes lead to anticipated climax
  • In all movie ends on very entertaining note.

Highilights of the movie

  • Undoubtedly this movie belongs to Bramhi and his histrionics it a must watch for him.
  • Ravi Teja excelled in both the roles of Bullet Raja and Minister Ravi
  • Vennal Kishore also excelled in comedy part
  • Tapsee was seen just in the songs
  • Screenplay and direction is good , movie moves at a good pace with good song and fight placements

Ravi Teja is Back with a bang and for sure he is going to rule this summer….