Danam’s clever move to impress YSR family.

Congreess Monister, Danam Nagender taken a clever step by making some sensational statements on YSR family for his political future.

Danam said ,YSR is very close to him and his family and YSR daughter sharmila is like his sister and soon he will meet her as she undergone Knee operation.

But the fact lies behind is , PJR daughter Vijaya Reddy after joining YSRCP became active in Khairatabad constituency at the same time MIM getting closer to YSRCP which may dent his votes in the constituency in 2014. As a control measure Danam gave these statement to give a picture to public that he is with YSR family. Hyderabad MP Mukesh goud is inching towards YSRCP and he may fall alone if he doesn’t  get close to that family.