Dammu washed out Racha Theaters

Young Tiger NTR’s ‘dammu’ did a great damage to ‘Racha’. As per the previous commitments, ‘dammu’ was released in maximum number of theaters, where ‘Racha’ is currently being screened in those theaters. As per the reports, till yesterday, ‘Rachcha’ ran in 25+ number of screens in Hyderabad city. After ‘dammu’s release, ‘Rachcha’ number restricted to just 9 theaters in the city. Similarly, the movie was lifted in 17 centers in East Godavari, 12 centers in West Godavari. In other areas also the number is more or less equal to the above numbers.

Although, it is a quite common for any movie to be lifted out its theaters for the new releases after two or three weeks of its release, the case of ‘Racha’ seems to be somewhat different. “Since, the movie proved to be a blockbuster, the movie is still running with good shares in some theaters where the movie was replaced by ‘dammu’. If ‘dammu’ gets good collections, the exhibitors will be happy. If not, they would repent for ‘Racha’ removal from their theatres”, opines one of the mega fans.