Dammu another Ooseravelli ?

There was a rumour that NTR’s fate  will be rewritten with Dammu before release, Director even went to an extent claiming that it would take 5 years to beat Dammu records for any film.

Surely, NTR’s fate is re written as Dammu is on the edge to be declared a flop.The movie which was made with a huge budget of 34 Crores was sold at 47 Crores making a table profit of 13 Crores has  now become realy hard to recover all thanks to the average talk on the which the movie secured on its very first day and also due to the over hype given by the director to boost the initial openings.

Over hype strategy worked out well ,the film got record collections (producers version) on the first day but the graph has begun to fall with no family viewers, the collection has dropped within 3 days of its release. Today (monday) is going to decide the fate of the film .As per latest news all major cities Hyderabad,Vijayawada,Vishakapatanam  witnessed no advance booking for today shows is a very bad news for the film. Only 30% seats of capacity are filled for morning shows hope it may increase by evening. Otherwise Dammu is going to repeat Ooseravelli