Dammu Plus and Minus points

NTR’s latest flick Dammu had thrown the fans into dilemma about the result of the movie. Though the movie is marked as the hit movie, it had been getting mixed reviews from all over the state. Some of the main backlogs in Dammu made are the main reasons of this confusion. So, let us have glance over the minus points of Dammu.
Minus Points
  • Miscasting is the main minus point of the movie. Most of the actors in the movie had dropped the grace of the characters allotted to them. They failed to show the importance of the character.
  1. Karthika who played as the second heroine of the movie is one of the main negative of the movie. Earlier  Mamata Mohandas was selected to do this role,but duet to the problems in call sheets she missed this chance. Otherwise the character would have been essayed in better way.
  2. Generally the heroism in a movie can be elevated by having a powerful villain, but Boyapati failed in this pattern. The villains seems to be too week. The director elected aged persons as the villains as NTR’s opponents who looked too weak before the hero.
  3. Kishore (Happy and Bheemili fame) is one of the main miscasting actor of this movie. Though we have macho villains like Supreeth (Chatrapathi fame) and Subbaraj, he was selected as the main villain which failed to potray the real villainism.
  4. Abhinaya who was selected as the elder sister role of Tarak was very young and just looked like younger sister.
  5. Trisha faded out before the glamour of NTR. He looked so young before her and her over  make-up killed the naturality of her face. Earlier Priyamani was selected  for this role but later she was replaced by Trisha.
  • Boyapati Srinu who was more confident about the story, failed to portray the story on silver-screen. Dammu is naturally a powerful concept which got spoiled by the over-confidence of the director. He should have concentrated more on the second half which made the audience to forget the real flavor in the story. 
  • Censor board had ruined the movie with their cuttings. The general dialogues that we listen these days in most of the  movies like (Pagilipoddhi, Chirigipoddhi, Naakesaaru, Nee Yabba) were edited too which spoiled the emotion and comedy in the movie.

Plus Points:
  • The main highlight of the movie is the one and only Young Tiger NTR. The movie is nothing without him.His expressions, dialogues, fights are the flesh and blood of the movie. No, doubt he excelled himself as never before. 95% of marks of the movie should be awarded to the Tarak itself.
  • MM Keeravani’s background music is the back bone of the movie during fights and sentiment scenes. 
  • Dialogues by M.Ratnam are simply superb. His dialogues added salt and pepper to the movie which made the movie tasty.
There are some more positives of the movie which were dominated by the negatives of the movie. Despite all these negatives, Tarak took the responsibility to lead the movie ahead on his shoulders with his one man show.