Dammu overseas report

Young Tiger NTR’s latest movie ‘Dammu’ is witnessing  poor run at box office. The movie which was released on April 27 amid huge expectations is turning out to be a disaster. According to  sources, Dammu has incurred loses to its distributors in overseas as US distributor FICUS has lost 25 % of investment and  UK , Europe territories have lost around 7 lakhs. Ironically, the movie’s run in Nizam territory has been pathetic and from the 2nd day of its release the collections dropped heavily, says sources. However, the collections in Andhra and Ceeded too are weak and the movie is destined to become one of the colossal disasters among NTR’s movies. Poor selection of script, lack of gripping screenplay and weak second half has resulted into Dammu turning out to be a debacle, opines  one of the distributors of Dammu. Let’s hope NTR delivers his best in his next movie and emerges as winner at box office.