Dammu Overseas: A Loser ??

Though the fact remains that there are many NRIs across the world who love nativity and commercial Telugu movies, there is a limit point to that.

And in the USA, mass masala and violence filled Telugu cinemas are not entertained. That is the key reason why Dammu turned out to be thumbs down in the overseas box office.

Though the film got negative talk many thought it was a disaster because it happened with NTR’s previous movie ‘Shakti’. But fortunately, Dammu had some consolation as it got some revenue but that is not even a fair collection. Whatever has been is just a fluke. That is why, the producers should distribute their own films overseas but not lure the distributors in the name of crazy combinations etc. Here are the breakups of Dammu across various locations.

USA-Officially Recorded:

Fri(Apr 27th): $83K
Sat(Apr 28th): $79K
Sun(Apr 29th): $24K

Total – As  per  various  exhibitors  and  distributors,  non-recorded  centers  gross  is  $80K (approx..).

As per our sources, Australia recorded a collection of Rs 7 lakhs, UK– Rs 12 lakhs, Gulf- Rs 22 lakhs and other places- Rs 4 lakhs

Looking at the worldwide scenario, Dhammu’s share stands at approximately – Rs 1.80 crores which is very good in any terms considering the content and genre of the movie which has too many MASS elements & Violence.

Dhammu was bought for Rs 2.40 crores (2.1 cr copyrights+ Rs 30 lakhs for prints, publicity, Digital expenses and shipping charges etc) so a LOSS of Rs 60 lakhs is confirmed.