Dammu marketing- Wah what an idea sirji !!

Nandamuri fans are the most clever and innovative among all, They can go to any extent to promote their Heroes films it may be the intial hype on websites,banners,it may be hyping up of collection,spreading good talk and rating ,or last but not least raise controversies to grab the attention of public towards films.

One such innovative idea is the fake SMS controversy  as per the internal sources confirmed by Nandamuri fans ,There was no such SMS from TDP or Balakrishna, it just a fake SMS which was sent by Nandamuri fans to every one including media people so that it movie which is getting excepted response do get some attention.

As per TDP sources no such SMS was initiated from their side or their is  a need to do such bad propaganda at this jucture as by-polls are in near future.Who is behind this fake SMS ? is a big mystery, In future Nandamuri may come out and blame that fake SMS doctrines by Mega fans or Mahesh fans to destabilise their family unity,but as of now this fake SMS idea seems to be worked out to fetch good collections..Wah what an idea sirji.