Dammu First Day Public Talk

The most anticipated movie, Junior NTR’s Dammu released today and got huge openings. With all the pre-release hype, audiences went to the theaters with lots ofexpectations. Although the movie is good enough, due to high-expectations, the movie could not meet the expectations and got a mixed talk on its first day.

It is a pure mass oriented film and a typical Junior NTR’s film specially made to entertain Nandamuri fans. NTR’s performance is remarkable in this movie with extreme energy. But there are many loopholes in the screenplay. Heroines are a minus to some extent. Overall, content-wise the movie is Average, but just like Racha, this movie also has two weeks of honeymoon period with no competition from any other bigmovie and can grab maximum collections as it has been released in massive number of theaters. That way, Dammu can be considered as a Hit.