Damarukam postponed to 24th ?

King Nagarjuna’s latest graphical extravaganza Damarukam seems be taking a back step from its release which is schedule to release on OCT 20th ,two days after Pawan Kalyan’s movie.

Even though Nagarjauna confidently saying that movie is going to release on 20th , After seeing Pawan Kalyan’s ‘ Cameraman Gangatho Ramababu’s ‘ mania producers of ‘Damarukam’ are rethinking about its release , No official announced was made but according to exhibitors version , they didn’t receive any confirmation about its release on 20th .
Buzz, that Damarukam is running out of theaters and if CGR talk is good , Damarukam’s producer will have to face the same humiliation that Nagarjuna’s ‘ Shirdi Sai’ producers faced with Balakrishna’s Srimannarayana because as per rules of Film chamber,  No more can be removed unless its collection go down 50% capacity. Thinking about all possible difficulties producers are in view to postpone it to OCR 24th so that both the fans can happily enjoy their favorite films with out any disturbances.