Damarukam pours water on Rambabu !

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s movie ‘ Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu ‘ has become hot topic not just in local media but the national media by grand release of more than 1000+ theaters  and all eyes were on its  box office records will apparently touch sky. But Nagarjuna’s  Damarukam poured water on its plans.

Earlier, Rambabu was planned in 100+ theaters in Hyderabad alone beating previous existing records of 92 of Mahesh’s ‘Businessman’ , as reported 95 were confirmed for ‘Rambabu’ release but some of the theaters were backed up as they were getting good offers from RR Makers who gave them a stunning offer of 50% collections of the theater capacity  as rent.Thus, making Rambabu theaters count as 62+ theaters . Generally, only multiplexes get 40% collections and single screens theaters get a  fixed rent + canteen+ parking, but this time RR makers strategically came with this offer just to grab maximum number of theaters to full fill their ego’s and prove their dominance.

Basically, RR Makers are benami’s of Jagan who shed crores of Rupees to prove their dominance . But for Rambabu  62 theaters is a good number as almost 40-50%  people from Hyderabad  might get migrated to their native places during festival season .