Daanam during 12 days of Krishna Pushkaralu

krishna-pushkaralu-daanasKrishna river is one of the most important Rivers in Southern India. It is also called as ‘Bhumadhya nadhi’. Krishna River is created by Lord Dattatreya. Lord Brahma accepted Krishna River as His daughter and has given all his powers to her.   The festival of Krishna Pushkaralu is celebrated once every 12 years to honour River Krishna and seek her blessings. The grand festival of Krishna Pushkaralu will be held from 12 August, 2016 – 23 August, 2016.

Donating the below mentioned items to the Brahmins during the pushkara period have a great impact in the life of individuals . Taking Bath in the Holy River during the above period one gets the blessing of God and punya.

Daanam during the 12 days of Krishna Pushkaralu
Day 1: Annadanam or mix rice flour in Krishna river
Day 2: Godanam or Lavana (salt) danam
Day 3: Fruits or Jaggery
Day 4: Panchamruta danam
Day 5: 2 types of grains
Day 6: Sandal or other medicinal herbs
Day 7: Money
Day 8: Flowers
Day 9: Pinda Pradhanam (Shraadh ceremony). Very important of all 12 daanas
Day 10: Guru Pooja and cloth daanam for river
Day 11: Donate Books, Yagnopaveetham (Yagnopaveetham is the triple stranded sacrificial strand of thread joined by a knot called Brahma Granthi that is worn by those initiated into the Gayathri recital
Day 12: Tila daanam (sesame seeds)