Cycle batch explains their guilty


Telugu desam party RajyaSabha members Gundu Sudha Rani, Devendra Goud and Sujana Chowdary found themselves in ironic position for bunking the parliament when voting of FDI was on.

YSRC taking this as golden opportunity started his goebbels propaganda with its pamphlet paper Sakshi, cornering TDP and its chief .

The cycle batch who were responsible for this situation came before media to explain the things that happened. Devandra Goud said as he was suffering from illness and on his doctor advice he came back to Hyderabad  Sudha Rani  said , she thought that voting was to be held at 4pm but it happened at 2:40pm , so she could not catch the Delhi flight. Sujana Chowdary said because of negligence he could not vote , he personally met Chandra Babu and explained him .