Narayana Murthy criticized for his lambast on IISC

355898-narayana-murthyINFOSYS , Narayana Murthy lambasts IISC India’s top research institute for not producing single invention.IISC,IIT’s have been utter failure in producing any worthwhile invention in 60 years.

Narayana Murthy went to IISC convocation and almost run down the students as worthless. Students passing out from IISC and entering real world they have nothing to accomplish, say this genious.

He said almost all inventions such as cars, electric bulb, radio, television, computers, Internet, wifi, MRI, laser, robots and many other gadgets and technology happened, “thanks to the research by Western Universities.

Narayana Murthy has received criticism from all corners like What did his Infosys innovate in last few decades?. Companies in US,Europe,China invest into R&D. How much does Infosys invest to encourage ? How many his Infosys recruits in IISC?

While TCS is quietly building 1 lakh toilets in government schools in Telangana,Bihar,AP with 120 crores.