Crime saga of Bhanu and Jagan aide Mangalikrishna (cases list)

The Crime Investigation Department is conducting investigation in to the Murder of Maddelacheruvu Suri and arrested the accused Mallisetty Bhanu Kiran on 21-04- 2012 at Zaheerabad  and he was remanded to Judicial custody on the same day. 

During interrogation he was asked to reveal the details of his associates, extortions, land grabbing and purchasing of properties on  his names and also on the names of other persons with whom he is interested. He confessed that he along with his associates Mangali 

Krishna and Sudhakar Naidu  and others procured country made fire arms for the purpose of extortion and other settlements.  Out of 9 fire arms  2 fire arms havealready been recovered  from Bhanu Kiran and his associate Sulam Subbaiah , 2  others were recovered from Burujukadi Vijay Kumar @ Vishnu of Abangapur Village of Mahaboobnagar District with the help of Hyderabad city Task force and another in Ananthapur District. 

It is also revealed by Bhanu that he is involved in the following criminal cases:

1. Cr.No. 86/2002 U/s 109,120(B) r/w 34 IPC , Sec 25 & 27 I.A Act and Sec 7(I) (a) CLA Act of PS Ramgopalpet – Hyderabad city.

2. Cr.No. 441/2006 u/s 448, 506, 341, 384 r/w 34 IPC  r/w 109 IPC and Sec. 25(1) (a) and 27 of Arms Act of Saifabad PS.2

3. Cr.No. 74/2009 U/s 25(1B)(a) & Sec.30 of Arms Act,1959 of PS. Begumpet. 

4. Cr.No. 469/2010 U/s 385,506,120(b) IPC of PS Kukatapally.

5. Cr.No.10/2011 U/s 30 of Arms Act & Sec. 181, 203 IPC of CCS, Hyd.

6. Cr.No.760/2010 U/s.448, 506, 471,120(B) IPC of P.S. Patamata, Vijayawada City. 

7. Cr.No.155/2010 U/s.52 (2) (ii) of Arms Rules, Sec.30 of the Arms Act 1959 r/w.109 IPC of P.S. Banjara Hills, Hyderabad City. 

8. Cr.No.37/2011 U/S 406,420,506,386 IPC of C.C.S. P.S. Hyd.

9. Cr.No. 21/2011 U/s 406,420, 506 IPC of  CCS, Hyderabad.

10. Cr.No. 24/2011 U/s 406,420, 506 IPC of  CCS, Hyderabad.

11. Cr.No.15/2011 U/s.406, 420 & 506 IPC of CCS P.S Hyderabad.                             

12. Cr.No. 6/2011 U/S 302,201,212,120B r/w 34 IPC  Sec. 25 and  27 of Arms Act.Of CCS, Hyderabad :

13. Cr.No.50/2011, 420, 406, 506, 386 IPC, of CID P.S. Hyd.

14. Cr.No.51/2011, 420, 406, 506, 386 IPC, of CCS Hyd.

15. Cr.No.90/2011 U/sec. 420 IPC of PS Panjagutta.

In the confession, the accused revealed that he along with his associates Madhu Mohan Reddy, Mangali Krishna and Ediga Srikanth Goud and others involved in as many as 23 settlements and extorted money. Among the major settlements, during the year 2005-2006, he along with his associates indulged in a matter pertaining to Handri-Neeva project and threatened the contractors not tosubmit their tenders and got allotted works worth Rs.178.00 crores in the namesof JK Constructions, GVR Constructions and Coastal Constructions. SubsequentlyBhanu and his associates ensured to allot the works to persons interested, fromwhom they collected Rs.18.5 crores. 

During the year 2006, Bhanu and his associates Mangali Krishna, Madhu Mohan Reddy interfered in a land dispute of 7 acres of land near Chirec Public School, 3opposite to RDO Serilingampally office (now Bharath Constructions) and collected an amount of Rs.1.20 crores from Shiva Ram Krishna, Cine Producer and others.

Out of this extorted money and also by threatening the land owners the followinglands were purchased by him and his associates Abbireddy Mallikarjun Reddy,Ediga Srikanth Goud, Dantuluri Krishna @ Mangali Krishna, S.Srinivas @ Chinna,V.V.Madhu Mohan Reddy and others. 

The CID could locate the following properties having clear title deeds and registered in the name of Bhanu and his associates. 


36 acres of land in Puppalaguda village vide document No.7/2008 of SRO Gandipet worth, Rs.40.00 Crores.

2. MANCHIREVULA VILLAGE: 26.36 acres land at Manchirevula Village vide document No.418/2008 of SRO,Gandipet worth, Rs.50.00 crores.

3. TALAKONDAPALLI OF MAHBOOBNAGAR : Purchased agriculture land in, 36/A, 30/AA in the limits  Takarajuguda,Talakondapalli Mandal to an extent of 25.26 acres vide doc  No.9636/2007 at SRO Kalwakurthy worth about Rs.10 crores.

4. BANDAR PORT LAND: Purchased land to an extent of 90 acres in the name of M/s Shourie Estates. The property is worth, about Rs.5 crores.

5. Nylata  village of Chevella Mandal: Purchased land to an extent of 3.27 acres situated at, 316/A/5, in

Nylata village Chevela Mandal, Ranga Reddy District vide doc. No. 9533/2006 of 4 S.R.O. Chevella. The property is worth about Rs.2 Crores.

6. Nylata  village of Chevella Mandal:Purchased land to an extent 19.32 acres in Sy.No.311,312 situated at Singappaguda H/o Nyalata village, Chevella Mandal vide document no. 5372/ 2006 of S.R.O.Chevella. The property is worth, about Rs.10 Crores.

7. THUKKUGUDA VILLAGE ADJACENT TO PETROL PUMP:  Purchased land to an extent of 15 acres in Sy.No. 238 in Tukkuguda village situated at Srinagar Revenue village of Maheshwaram Mandal vide doc no.536/ 2008 of S.R.O. Maheshwaram. The property is worth, about Rs.15 Crores. 

8. DHARMARAM VILLAGE OF KARIMANAGAR DISTRICT: Bhanu Kiran, Suri and Jambula Srikanth Reddy acquired 6 acres of land in Dharmaram Mandal of Karimnagar District by floating benami Companies, for doing maple red Granite mining on lease by investing an amount of  Rs. 1crore and developed said mine by pledging the extorted property plot Numbers 133,136,134 in windoz of Pulimamidi village, Kandukur Mandal vide Registration document numbers 481/2010, 483/2010 and 484/2010 which were forcibly got registered from Vanga Sudheer Reddy.

9. Maheshswaram Mandal: Bhanu Kiran, Maddelacheruvu Suri and thier associates Madhu Mohan Reddy, Dy. RMO NIMS Dr. Sharath Naga Prasad and others threatened Sudheer Reddy  and got registered 5.27 acres agricultural land in the limits of Pendyala village of Maheshwaram Mandal. Subsequently 4.27 acres of land was registered in the name of Gangula Hemalatha Reddy. This laid is worth about 6 crores.5 The above details are given by the accused Bhanu Kiran in his confession and the CID is verifying into the facts of confession made by the accused. Teams are being deputed to collect information regarding the land settlements and other extortions. Steps are being taken to freeze the bank accounts of Bhanu Kiran and his Associates.

If any of the victims are willing to lodge any complaint the CID is ready to register cases and investigate.Public are requested to share the information held by them relating to the illegal activities of the Bhanu Kiran and his associates and CID is assuring to maintain confidentiality of the names of the informant and provide all necessary help to them.