Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review : Delivery Fails

Courier Boy KalyanMovie: Courier Boy Kalyan
Cast: Nitin, Yami Gauttam, Nassar, Ashutosh Rana, Ravi Prakash, Satyam Rajesh, Saptagiri, Harsha, Duvvasi Mohan
Director: Prem Sai
Producers : Gautham Menon,Venkat Somasundaram,Reshma Ghatala
Music by Karthik-Anup Rubens Rating : 2.25/5


NRI doctor Ashutosh Rana indulge in illegal activity of collecting stem cell and umbilical cord to cure diseases of high profile people . He shifts his base to Hyderabad.

While Panileni Kalyan (Nitin) discontinues his degree after turns courier boy at Professional Couriers for his love Kavya (Yami Gautam) who tends to be a sales girl at Khadi Bhandar.

Ashutosh Rana selects some hospitals in Hyderabad to continue his illegal activity in Hyderabad, A ward boy Innturi Vasu comes to know about it and sends a report to social worker Satyamurthy (Nassar) through Kalyan’s Courier company.

Kalyan gets a courier to delivery to Satyamurthy , Rana gang tries to stop the courier , Will Kalyan delivers its or not and what are the shocking things He face ? forms the story .

Analysis :

Nihin as a courier boy performed with a ease, He should have been more emotional during climax scenes. Yami Gautam is good in her role. Nazzer and Ashutosh Rana performed well , Satyam Rajesh as Nithin’s friend is okay.

Director Prem Sai has failed completely to narrate a new experimental plot with his screenplay .He should have stuck to his point rather been diverted . Music by Karthik and Anub Robins is magical , Bangarama song is a catchy . Sandeep Chouta BGM is impressive. Cinematography is good. editing should have been more crisp.

The mainloophole in the film is releasing the main secret of the film . Linking Hero’s role with NRI Doctors’s illegal activity is not so cool plot, However making it as a twist in the film could have saved the film. Taking just a single point in the film is not so interesting. Till interval the movie doesn’t touch the main point of the film, it just runs on the Love track . The second half was interesting to some extend, but drops down before pre climax and in climax. They should have removed unnecessary song to maintain tempo of the film.

The director has missed the logic that there are banks to store these stem cells and umbilical cord , Rich and high class people store them for their dear ones in the family. One more point is that , One person’s stem cells and umbilical cord do not suite for others .. Now the point is How this baddie of the film Ashutosh Rana markets these stem cells and umbilical cord.


Fails to Deliver Entertainment