Controversies started surrounding Naayak !

Controversies started surrounding Mega Power star Ramcharan’s ‘Naayak ‘ before censor & realese of the movie.

A tribe group of Telangana , Lanbadi community wh’s last name is ‘Naayak’ has raised objection about the films Naayak. As the title hurt their sentiments and feelings.Their president demanded immediate removal of the title for the film other wise they would take it seriously and launch agitation after release in this regard.

This film yet to censored so they are waiting for the censor board to look into this matter. Toolywood makers are fingers crossed as this controversy will end-up in free publicity and gain revenues like Manchu Vishnu’s Denikaina Ready , or become controversial and end up in losing revenues as Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’. Time has to decide !.