Controversial remarks on Mahesh, Pawan, Prabhas & Rana


Bollywood filmmaker Kamaal R Khan made controversial remarks on South Indian heroines in social media and later deleted some of the tweets .

He compared South Indian heroes as Gadhas, Lukkas Gendas(Rhinos) and other things by tweeting that, Someone told me that these lukhas are superstars in south industry. What a choice!  Roshan Palla, UrstrulyMahesh,Pawan Kalyan ,Actor Vijay

@Samanthaprabhu2 Someone told me that you are very big heroine in south. You look like a hair dresser of Deepika Padukone then how?


Prabhas n Rana Daggubati should be kept in a Zoo for public instead watching them in film like Baahubali they look like Gendaas. Hero n villain of Baahubali both look like Gendaa so how can Hindi audience dare to watch film of Animals? Hindi audience is not stupid , (sic). ..Tweeted Kamaal.

‘Lukha’ basically refers to a person doing nothing constructive/whiling away his time or basically a jobless person.